Min Fa

Warrior of Good and Justice


Min Fa grew up in a small rural village within the Minkai Empire of Tian Xia. Born to a family consisting of only herself and her mother, Min quickly learned of the hardships of the poor and downtrodden. At the age of 9, Min returned to her village after a day at the capital to witness the carnage of her village and slaughter of her mother at the hands of an evil duo of Underworld dragons that had demanded tribute.

Min left the razed village for the capital of Kasai where she stumbled upon the many temples of Shizuru. Hoping to gain answers to her questions about the cruelty of the world and how the less fortunate could thrive and endure, she devoted herself to the study of Shizuru and her teachings.

It was not long before Min found her role within the faith of Shizuru as a swordsman. For Min it was Shizuru’s tutelage in the defense of the weak and less fortunate and the removal of the wicked and unjust that she enjoyed the most. She sought out and achieved the honor of becoming a paladin of Shizuru.

For many decades, Min fought against wickedness in Tian Xia on behalf of Shizuru. In particular, she became specifically adept in the slaying of wicked dragons, undoubtedly paying homage to the ones who had destroyed her childhood. Min forged a name for herself as an executor of Shizuru’s will and a great asset to the faith. Even after many decades of service, it was obvious that Min’s body and mind had not aged as others she had considered her contemporaries in age.

One night, in a vision, Min was approached by an avatar of her goddess. Shizuru revealed to Min her heavenly origins and her future role as an agent of Shizuru. However, Shizuru required one final task of Min. Shizuru requested that Min complete this difficult task, for although she would not reveal all of information about the quest at that time, the importance was great and its completion would see the restoration of a goodly sovereign over Tian Xia.

On an act of blind faith in her goddess, Min set out of Tian Xia to complete her errand. Guided by the visions of Shizuru, Min hoped to restore order and good to her homeland.

Min Fa

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